Counseling for Emotional/Sensitive Individuals

Do You Feel As Though Your Emotions Control You?

Are you an introspective person who feels emotions very intensely and, perhaps, vacillates between feeling positive one moment and negative the next? Do you experience lots of anxiety in social situations or ongoing with your partner? Are you highly sensitive to the people and events around you? Maybe you struggle to connect with people and form stable bonds, especially if strong emotions make it difficult to focus and stay present. You may lack confidence and self-worth and sometimes find yourself turning to substances, such as alcohol, for relief. Does it feel as though you’ve achieved so much of what you thought you wanted, but life still seems lonely and empty? Do you wish you could find greater peace within yourself and live a more fulfilling life?

Highly sensitive and/or emotional people often struggle to feel confident, secure and satisfied. If you feel as though you are missing some essential piece of what makes life enjoyable, you are not alone. Many people feel isolated and lost. It can be very disheartening to achieve some of your goals but discover that nothing really grants you long-lasting relief or happiness. If you are always second guessing yourself and feel overwhelmed by your emotions, you may be a highly emotional person or you may display symptoms of borderline characteristics. At its worst these symptoms are diagnosed as Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Thankfully, regardless of how you feel today, there is hope.

Since 2006, I have helped highly emotionally and sensitive people find greater peace and calm in their lives. I am a kind, open, nonjudgmental therapist who is there to support you and really listen to your worries and concerns while also being directive if necessary. In sessions, I draw from Eastern philosophy and Western psychology so that you can develop the effective tools offered in both and make long-lasting, positive changes in your life. With help and support, you can learn to cope with difficult feelings and experiences, including attachment issues, and find harmony and happiness within yourself.

If you are ready to grow and create a more satisfying life, I invite you to call me at (415) 820-3922 to set up a free, brief phone consultation. I am happy to answer any questions you have about highly emotional and sensitive people and my practice.